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 Posted: Thu Oct 10th, 2019 01:21 pm
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Results to some of the St. Joseph, MO cards..

1/15/88 St. Joseph, MO - Civic Arena
Dave Peterson beat Cuban Assassin dq.
Steve Ray beat Bulldog Borwn dq,
Masa Chono beat Mike George
Curtis Hughes & Vinnie Valentino beat Steve Sybert & The Invader, (11 minutes, flying tackle and body press)
Russell Sapp beat TC Carter (4 minutes, back suplex)
Jay Strongbow, Jr. and Vinnie Valentino d. The Power Twins DQ (12 minutes, would not break hold)
Rich Patterson beat Jay Strongbow jr, (boston crab 10 minutes)
Dave Peterson (sub Joe Lightfoot) beat Chief Tapu, (11 minutes, belly to belly

2/5/88 St. Joseph, MO - Civic Arena
Larry Powers beat TC Carter, ( 8 minutes, powerslam)
Ken Timbs beat Curtis Hughes (sub Jay Strongbow, Jr.),
Masa Chono beat Vinnie Valentino, (16 minutes, reverse cross body block)
Rick Patterson d. David Power DQ outside interference from Larry Power
Mike George beat Kareem Muhammad, (18 minutes, leg nelson)
Steve Ray & Dave Peterson beat Cuban Assassin & Bob Brown. (All 4 men wear boxing gloves) (Peterson KO'd Brown in 5th round)

4/29/88 St. Joseph, MO - Civic Arena
Curtis Hughes beat Ken Timbs dq,
Steve Ray beat Russell Sapp,
Bulldog Brown beat TC Carter,
Masa Chono drew Steve Cox,
Elimination: TC Carter, Steve Cox, Curtis Hughes, & Steve Ray d. Bob Brown, Masahiro Chono, Russell Sapp, & Ken Timbs
Dave Peterson beat Mike George dq.