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 Posted: Fri Nov 22nd, 2019 04:52 pm
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srossi wrote: Ultimark wrote: krazykid18 wrote: Ultimark wrote: My brother keeps buying Etherum after it bounces and then sells near the bottom. He has lost $50K on trades now. It is amazing that he actually admits it to me. He cannot see it is his behavior that is killing him. Blaming everyone else.

Why is he trading and losing 50k WTF
His first trade, he was in over at over a thousand.  I think it was Feb of of 18 although my memory might be foggy.  Then, months later he sold around $100.  At almost every bounce, he has bought only to see if slide back again.   Of course, he sells then.  What makes this even worse is that he the money for the original trade from an inherited IRA.  He had to pay taxes on all of that.  He tried to claim I didn't tell him that.  I saved the 5 texts where I told him that and I told him to not get involved with alt currencies. 

Buy high, sell low.  Unique strategy.  If he reversed those buys and sells he'd be in the money.

Right wtf, i would wait and just pray to whatever spiritual human being it will reverse since it is a little unpredictable 

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