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 Posted: Wed Nov 27th, 2019 03:07 am
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It's not included this time, because that match may not be correct. The date and place do not match up, and I haven't found and confirmation of such a match.

Also, remember that this match remembrance came from Flair himself, and as we've since found out, his memory is kind of suspect.  Just ask Bruiser Brody...

Here's my rationale and a look at the schedule in that time period:
12/10/72 Minneapolis TV 
Ray Stevens beat Peter Lee
Dusty Rhodes & Dick Murdoch beat Caesar Pavlon & Armando Rodriguez
Wahoo McDaniel beat Bill Crouch
Reggie Parks beat Jose Quintero

12/10/72 Minneapolis, MN @ Auditorium
Superstar Billy Graham beat Wahoo McDaniel dq when Wahoo hit Graham over the head with a chair
Dusty Rhodes beat Don Muraco dq 10:21
Ivan Koloff beat Lani Kealoha via pin in 10:27
Ken Patera beat Rene Goulet via pin in 7:09
George Scott beat George Gadaski via pin in 12:22
Farmer Pete & Cowboy Lang beat Little Tokyo & Billy The Kid

12/11/72 Moline, IL @ Wharton Field House
Wahoo McDaniel beat Superstar Billy Graham
George Scott drew Rene Goulet
Bob Bruggers beat Joe Scarpello
George Gadaski & Rene Goulet beat Bob Bruggers & George Scott

12/11/72 Rice Lake, WI @ High School
Ivan Koloff vs Don Muraco
Rene Goulet vs George Scott
Farmer Pete & Cowboy Lang beat Little Tokyo & Lord Littlebrook  
Ken Patera beat George Gadaski

December 10, 1972 was a Sunday, and it is possible that a show could have been held in Rice Lake Township, MINNESOTA which is 2.5 hours from Minneapolis, but is in the middle of nowhere and a very small town very unlikely to have professional wrestling this one and only time(I've never seen another show in that town, ever). 

What makes this interesting is that there WAS a show in Rice Lake, WISCONSIN listed as December 11(which I believe is wrong as Gadaski was in Moline that Monday night), and featured George Gadaski losing to Ken Patera.  Also, Gadaski was on the Minneapolis card the previous day, which in itself would not preclude him from appearing in Rice Lake Township because he drove the ring truck. 

Until documented proof is found, I'm of the opinion that there are too many items against it.  I think Rice Lake, WISCONSIN should be Saturday Afternoon, December 10, and Flair has misrepresented himself as being there with his training/running partner at the time, Ken Patera.

The other thing I don't see is Flair getting a draw in his first professional match with ANYBODY.  Remember, he had already quit Gagne's training once, and Gagne never did favors for anyone of Flair's caliber in this time period.  We all forget he was not a star at any point in the AWA, let alone at the start of his career. 

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