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 Posted: Mon Dec 9th, 2019 08:45 pm
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Blazer wrote: Got to love the NWO - I guess members 4 (Giant) and 5 (was it DiBiase?) didn’t make the mark. Had to go with Syxx.

Fun trivia

Who was 7?



Vincent has to come pretty close after Syxx. But after that, it was a quick dropoff. Bischoff? Then who? Rotundo and Norton?

Vincent came after Syxx then it was Bischoff. Liz was also forced somewhere in there. Then Bagwell. Eric gave all WCW people 30 days to convert their contracts to NWO and Bagwell was the first to step forward. Then I think it was Chono, Big Bubba, Wallstreet, and Norton in one fell swoop.

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