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 Posted: Wed Dec 11th, 2019 08:40 am
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4/8/1932 Lowell MA
Henri Deglane beat Boris Demitroff
Jack Ganson beat Carl Lemle
Jack Ellis draw Bill Rudy
Gus Johnson draw Chuck Montana
Jim Cook beat Roughhouse Murphy

4/15/1932 Lowell MA
Lee Wykoff beat John Grandovitch
Wong Bock Cheung beat Pat O’Hara
Jimmy Tagg draw Paul Marookian
Jack Martin beat Harry Sparks
Bill Robinson draw Red Mullen

4/22/1932 Lowell MA
Jim Browning beat George Saunders
Jack Ross beat Jim Heslin
Jack Ellis beat Bill Rudy
Gus Johnson beat Jack Martin
Rough House Murphy draw Jim Cook

4/26/1932 Meriden CT
Stanislaus Zbyszko beat Charley Brown
Charley Metro draw George LaMar
Al Ventres beat Tony Bonaparte
Julius Turner beat Ray Miller

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