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 Posted: Thu Dec 12th, 2019 11:10 am
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DaClyde wrote: A quick search of ECWA and Kettner at turns up an article in the News Journal (Wilmington, DE) about an upcoming 5th Anniversary show on 26 April 1985.  So that would put them back to 1980-81.  I found some other mentions in Virginia, North Carolina and New York dating back to 1977 referencing shows by an "East Coast Wrestling Association".  

But given how sporadic the references are, while the name may have existed as far back as 1967, I don't think it has been one continuously operating company all that time.  It is probably similar to how Dale Gagner restarted the AWA.

I think I just found the same articles you did. There is an article with photos from a show they did in 1983. It's high school and college kids doing "television wrestling" on gym mats. The PWInsider story says "Jim Kettner started ECWA in the mid 60s when the territory system was still very much in place." This is severely overstating what Kettner was doing. I can't find any evidence of him using any "professional" wrestlers until 1993.

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