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 Posted: Thu Jan 23rd, 2020 11:58 pm
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Another IW result from Joe Shedlock's Wrestling '85, Vol. 10 Iss. 10. No venues listed for these cards, so feel free to provide the venue names if anyone knows where these shows took place. I'll be combing the previous years of Shedlock's newsletters over the coming weeks for any additional IW results not yet posted here.

IW @ Montreal
May 14, 1985

AWA World Tag Team Champions The Road Warriors D Jos LeDuc & Dino Bravo
King Tonga D Gino Brito Jr.
Raymond Rougeau D Leo Burke
Jimmy Garvin D Reggie Rapone
Richard Charland D Real Massot & Real Vive
Sailor White D Bob Anthony

I'm currently researching and looking for results, line-ups, and clippings for the following territories: International Montreal, WWC Puerto Rico, Grand Prix Montreal, George Cannon Superstars, Mario Savoldi ICW, Atlantic Grand Prix, and Southwest.