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 Posted: Tue Feb 11th, 2020 06:34 pm
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srossi wrote: srossi wrote: I've been buying and selling between $7,500 and $9,500 with a lot of success, but yesterday I bought back in at $7,600 and today the price plummeted to $6,800 on more China crackdown news. Just goes to show that you can't always try to time the market. It'll bounce back soon, I just wish I had waited 1 more fucking day to buy.
My strategy bit me in the ass this time. I sold at $9,500 again but it continued to explode to over $10,100 as of this morning. I still made money but now I’m worried that this is the big break-out and I’m stuck on the sidelines. KK, I hope you bought around $7,000.

Ethereum is also exploding and I’ve just been holding that for ages so I have to think about when to sell that. 

Nope and i am mad