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 Posted: Tue Mar 3rd, 2020 12:43 am
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Married Jo wrote: Spatulapup wrote: 3 more Washington state deaths announced. death toll up to 5. Not good.
between October of last year and Feb this year there have been over 20,000 common flu deaths in the USA so I wouldn't wring my hands too hard right now..
18 confirmed cases in Washington state and 6 have died.

80,000 in China and 2900 of them have died.

Now I know that is only confirmed cases and more have had it without knowing.

This all started about a month ago and we have those numbers already.   Now I know they will get better at slowing it down and treating the symptoms as time goes on, but it is something to worry about right now. It’s too far gone to contain now. Imagine  what this is going to do in Africa and poorer regions of the world.