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 Posted: Mon Mar 16th, 2020 08:18 pm
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srossi wrote: So in reading all the articles that Kriss sent me and doing my own research, it looks like the ECWA as we know it began in 1979-1980, mostly using gym mats and providing free entertainment for children, and the wrestlers barely qualify as more than children themselves. They also run fundraisers and claim that they have been generating $10,000 a year in donations in the mid-'80s, with the talent all working on a volunteer basis for free. Kettner doesn't get involved a few years later, some time before 1985. The ECWA name also develops in the early '80s at some point, but isn't there at the very beginning, although the talent is the same. Around 1992-93, the promotion starts charging a small fee, bringing in a few ex-WWF guys as attractions, and actually having real indy talent work alongside their mostly self-trained weekend warriors. Between 1985-1992, it's unclear how often they were running shows or if they took a hiatus, but prior to that it seems they were regularly doing something every 1-3 months.

Kettner than retro-fits his own personal experience with the ECWA to get these weird 1967 start date. That date is based on Kettner wrestling in his backyard as early as 11, and maybe running some small shows as a teen. But that is not connected to ECWA at all.

So you can make the case that ECWA is actually celebrating its 40th anniversary, which is impressive enough without the exaggerations. The lineage goes back to 1980, but ECWA as a legitimate company probably goes back less than 18 years.

I think you mean 28 years...

From an interview Kettner gave in 1996, which lists his age as 41, he was born on December 24, 1954 (His birthday with no year was listed at, which I've since corrected). "When I was 13, I built a ring in my back yard and put together a show. About 10 people came to see my friends and I stage a show. That's how it got started. 1997 will be our 30th year."

The earliest reference to Kettner is in 1985, when a show on April 26th is billed as their 5th anniversary. Kettner wrestled on that show, and other subsequent mid-80s shows. I'd be willing to bet that he used a different name and was wrestling there from the beginning. The article for that show says a "Big Bill Page" was running the shows until recently when left for California. He came back for the anniversary and says they'd been running the shows monthly for the past 5 years, but that seems to be an exaggeration. Page was a University of Deleaware sophomore in 1983 according to another article, which gives you an idea of how old these guys were.

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