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 Posted: Wed Mar 18th, 2020 08:09 pm
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srossi wrote: srossi wrote: carpetbeggar wrote: Check out what Elon Musk is doing. Pretty cool:

Is this legit?  Scams like this are run every day. He’s asking you to send him before he sends back?  This sounds

After a quick Google I found this:

Elon Musk is warning his Twitter followers to be aware of online crypto scams.
Scammers have taken over legit Twitter accounts and transformed them to look like Musk's and get Twitter users to turn over bitcoin or other digital cryptocurrency for what they think is a business opportunity.

"The crypto scam level on Twitter is reaching new levels," the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX tweeted Saturday. "This is not cool."

It's not a new phenomenon. A November 2018 report by The Independent found that scammers had taken in hundreds of thousands of dollars "posing as Musk" with some people sent more than $6,000 to scammers.

The Independent found that several verified Twitter accounts – publisher Pantheon Books among them – were hacked and made over to look like Musk's Twitter account. Then the hackers sent out a tweet to initiate the scam: "I'm giving 10 000 Bitcoin (BTC) to all community!" I left the post of director of Tesla, thank you all for your support," the Independent said the hacked Pantheon account posted.

Wow, thanks. Usually I will Google these things to see before posting or mentioning anything like that. I was kinda in a rush this morning and I saw it on Twitter originally. I could have sworn it was Elon's official Twitter handle that posted it. I clicked the link, but didn't really have time to glance at it.

Kinda related, but I've seen a really high rise of people posting "beware of" announcements on reddit this last week of different scams losers are trying to pull related to covid/19. It is nothing new though as these cockroaches love to prey on people's fears during panics like this.