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 Posted: Tue Apr 7th, 2020 02:20 pm
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srossi wrote: krazykid18 wrote: srossi wrote: Sold my Ethereum just now at 175. That was a hell of a week. Holding my Bitcoin for now, but it’s about to hit 7,500, which was its usual low point before all this happened.

I keep half stepping, my friend made 15k the first two weeks on bitcoin after it went down to 4k, by day trading and using the up and down activity of bitcoin.
I wanted to throw money into it, but with the way the government is handling corona besides your health you might need cash because jobs won't be promised tomorrow if the government continues this wait and see medical miracle approach.

Fuck what the government is doing. If you had gone all in on any of the entry points I posted about here, you’d be well into a 6 figure profit by now. 

You are absolutely right