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 Posted: Wed May 6th, 2020 12:20 am
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The ad for the 16th is from Eau Claire, WI

Wednesday, May 16, 1973 – Eau Claire (Regis High School Gym) – Horst Hoffman (substitute for Don Muraco) beat Nick Bockwinkel (Bockwinkel vs. Muraco was scheduled for 2/3-60) . . . Midgets: Lord Littlebrook and Wee Willie Wilson beat Little Tokyo and Frenchy LaMonte (2/3-60) . . . Geoff Portz beat Ric Flair (1-45) . . . Greg Gagne vs. Rene Goulet (1-20) – result not given.

Here's more on LaCrosse:
Tuesday, May 15, 1973 (Mary E. Sawyer Auditorium) – Horst Hoffman beat Rene Goulet . . . Lord Littlebrook and Wee Willie Wilson won 2/3 falls from Little Tokyo and Frenchy LaMonte . . . Bull Bullinski beat Ric Flair . . . Geoff Portz beat Vic Rositanni.  (The Bullinski-Flair match was scheduled in place of Ray Stevens vs. Don Muraco, which was the originally scheduled main event.  Hoffman vs. Goulet then became the main event).  A-“Sparse.”

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