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 Posted: Tue Jun 23rd, 2020 09:40 pm
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Spatulapup wrote: One Fan Gang wrote: Any of those locker room interviews with Mean Gene in short sleeve shirts and later Ken Resnick with the clock in the background were post match at St. Paul Civic Center. The clock usually reads around 11pm so it fluctuates depending on how many promos they wanted to cut. Hogan and the Road Warriors seemed to be featured on quite a few of these.

Other promo days appear to have been on Wednesdays for the bulk of the day both in the Channel 11 studios of the late 70s and early 80s, and later in the AWA offices/studios. A day when fewer cards tended to be on the schedule.

The dates averaged out to about every other day, from the details I have gleaned from guys who worked there like Baron Von Daschle and Jim Brunzell. Nick Bockwinkel described his arrival in Minneapolis to me as somewhat confusing, given his previous run in Georgia being weekly towns and always on the go. Having been promised a push and a prominent position, this schedule made him feel like he was underutilized. He confronted Verne at the office and basically was ready to cut his stint short if not used to full potential. Verne then showed Nick that he was figured in about as heavily as could be, working about half the days each month. Bockwinkel was told "Enjoy life; maybe buy a boat." And he did. That led to a great story that soon after buying it, some of the boys were partying including Ray Stevens and Larry Hennig. Nick refused to let daredevil Stevens take a spin, but he did let young Curt Hennig and his high school pals go out. He said they knew to be careful and would return the boat in the same condition, and Ray wouldn't. Harrumph.

Jim Cornette said Bockwinkel was probably working 15 times a month. Not a bad deal I guess. Hogan didn't really seem to have a backbreaking schedule as champ either. 

Hogan had a lot of travelling and promotional appearances, though. While the bulk of WWF shows during the expansion era were still in the NE, Hogan was sent to headline every show across the country where Vince was trying to break into a new market.

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