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 Posted: Wed Jun 24th, 2020 03:30 pm
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Has any tribe ever stated approval for the Blackhawks name and logo, specifically one in Illinois? The approval of local tribes is how Florida State is still the Seminoles and Utah is still the Utes. For that matter, the lack of approval is why the NCAA compelled North Dakota to change from the Fighting Sioux to the Fighting Hawks. Pro sports are different, but if the Blackhawks were looking to keep the name, that would be an avenue. However, it would need to be persons and groups with legitimacy. When the Indiana sports nicknames controversy was much hotter a few years ago, the Washington Redskins brought out some Indians to endorse the name or at least say it didn't offend them. However, these people were almost universally regarded as nobodies who spoke for no one and whose words carried no weight.