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 Posted: Sun Jun 28th, 2020 09:43 pm
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WongLee wrote: THIS IS IT!!!!!!!!11111111....We'll be seeing tRump being led away in handcuffs WELL before election time. Nothing can save him now. I mean, I know it's been said he'll be indicted for one thing or another at least 15 other times. BUT THIS TIME IS IT!!!!!!!! Watch out Killary.......and watch out Barack HUSSEIN Obama.
My delusional libtard friend, it was actually Hillary who was responsible for the whole thing, and she was ALREADY arrested for it.  She's been rotting in Guantanamo for the last 2 years, assuming that she didn't die 4 years ago.  Whichever way you slice it, your pedophile pizza ring leader is already done for and in no way still living a life of luxury the likes of which pathetic West Virginia coal miners could never dream of.  AMERICA HAS WON!!!

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This thread was great before AA ruined it.