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 Posted: Thu Jul 23rd, 2020 08:40 am
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03/27/52 Burlington VT
Bull Curry beat Manuel Cortez DQ
Pierre LaSalle (Eddie Auger) beat Harry Taylor
Johnny Rougeau draw Cave Man Frank Marconi

04/03/52 Burlington VT
Bull Curry DCOR Manuel Cortez
Joe DiValteau & Cave Man Marconi beat Pierre LaSalle (Eddie Auger) & Johnny Rougeau

04/17/52 Burlington VT
Joe DiValteau & Frank Valois beat Bull Curry & Willie Davis DQ
Tony Angelo DDQ Caveman Frank Marconi

04/24/52 Burlington VT
Frank Valois beat Bull Curry
Jim Coffield beat Pierre LaSalle (Eddie Auger)
Cave Man Frank Marconi DCOR Tony Lanza

05/01/52 Burlington VT
Bull Curry DCOR Jim Coffield
Bobby Managoff beat Frank Valois DQ
Maurice Vachon beat Frank Marconi