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 Posted: Fri Aug 14th, 2020 09:10 pm
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I think that movie theaters are going to have a very tough go of it for the future...

1) COVID concerns - given that restaurant indoor dining and bars have been blamed for outbreaks, I suspect that many people aren't going to risk being indoors in a crowded environment

2) Outdoor / drive-in movie theaters are making a comeback due to COVID - Walmart is even converting some of its parking lots into makeshift drive-in theaters for the summer.

3) Streaming services (such as Disney+) are foregoing theater releases and instead are offering new releases via their streaming services. For example, the much anticipated live-action Mulan film will be streamed for Disney+ subscribers for an additional fee. If this is a success, expect more films to be released this way. In recent years, Netflix has also been streaming its movies at the same time that they have been in theatrical release.

4) Television / home furniture technology is getting better and bigger

A couple years ago, I was a big fan of going to the movies when I had a Moviepass subscription with its $9.99 per month for unlimited movies plan. As expected, Moviepass hemorrhaged money and shut it down in less than a year. The comfy power recliners and the big screen experience was nice but I didn't think that it was worth the typical $15 per movie price tag. Given that Netflix is $15 per month, the Moviepass $9.99 per month fee seemed reasonable. Too bad it collapsed.

After Moviepass went under, I splurged and bought a power recliner for my man cave. My weekly grocery list now includes Jiffy Pop and an assortment of my favorite candies and soda. Between Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, and the number of Redbox vending machines in my area, I am willing to forego the movie theater.

The only demographic that I think could save the movie theaters is teenagers without cars. They need a private place to go to on dates where they won't be monitored by their parents.

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