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 Posted: Fri Aug 14th, 2020 10:56 pm
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khawk wrote: Big Garea Fan wrote:
3) Streaming services (such as Disney+) are foregoing theater releases and instead are offering new releases via their streaming services. For example, the much anticipated live-action Mulan film will be streamed for Disney+ subscribers for an additional fee.They want $29.99 to see that here.
If that's the price that's gonna be standard until the theaters are back to normal

True. But that price is per viewing - not per person viewing:
If you are a family of four, it works out to $7.50 per person (that's about 1/2 price compared to a regular movie theater ticket).

If you are viewing with another person ("date night"), then it works out to $15 per person (about the usual movie theater ticket).

Plus there are other "perks" to watching it via streaming at home such as being able to pause/rewind/etc., cheaper concessions, and watching on your schedule - not the movie theater's schedule.

Personally, I will wait until it goes to Redbox. But if someone is the "gotta see it as soon as it is released"-type person, then the Disney+ offering might be a good deal for them.