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 Posted: Sat Aug 15th, 2020 12:12 am
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Big Garea Fan wrote: khawk wrote: Big Garea Fan wrote:
3) Streaming services (such as Disney+) are foregoing theater releases and instead are offering new releases via their streaming services. For example, the much anticipated live-action Mulan film will be streamed for Disney+ subscribers for an additional fee.They want $29.99 to see that here.
If that's the price that's gonna be standard until the theaters are back to normal

True. But that price is per viewing - not per person viewing:
If you are a family of four, it works out to $7.50 per person (that's about 1/2 price compared to a regular movie theater ticket).

If you are viewing with another person ("date night"), then it works out to $15 per person (about the usual movie theater ticket).

Plus there are other "perks" to watching it via streaming at home such as being able to pause/rewind/etc., cheaper concessions, and watching on your schedule - not the movie theater's schedule.

Personally, I will wait until it goes to Redbox. But if someone is the "gotta see it as soon as it is released"-type person, then the Disney+ offering might be a good deal for them.
I get that, and it makes sense, but throwing a 30 dollar price tag on someone that is already paying a sub fee for the service it’s on strikes me wrong on another level.
One of the non perks is that taking the family to see things in the theatre seems to make everyone pay better attention than having a movie night at home...because your at home and there’s other stuff to turn to instead of trying to follow along.
Anyways I hope that this stuff can get back to the theatres sooner than later.