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 Posted: Sat Aug 15th, 2020 01:05 am
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Gil Wilcox wrote: I think I'll skip this for the time being.

I've preferred seeing movies on the big screen in recent years, especially with the stadium seating and some barriers between rows in the back.
Sure there was always the couple of assholes who talked and texted. They always sat right next to me regardless if I bought my tickets way in advance, or at the last minute. I am a jagoff magnet I guess. lol

My wife is a Saint for waking up early for matinee discounts, free refills on gallons of soda and popcorn for breakfast. We belonged to AMC and would earn points for free refreshments.

I think the most enjoyable theater experience I've had in the past ten years was last year, over my son's spring break.  He was supposed to get some extra credit for his class if we went to see "Penguins" and then he wrote a paper on it.   Went to our local 8-screen old timey theater in town, matinee on a weekday, we were literally the only two people in that screening.   So awesome.

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