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 Posted: Sun Aug 23rd, 2020 02:47 am
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Benlen wrote: Are the Sixers happy with Embiid and his 30+ mil contract?
When he decides to play, then yes. Embiid sometimes appears to be going through the motions at times. This season he made $27.5M and next is $29.5M. Embiid plays outside and settles for the jump shot WAY too much this past 2 seasons. I'm more worried about Simmonds and his reluctance to shot from outside. Next year, his extension kicks in and he will make the following.
2020-21: $ 29.25M
2021-22: $ 31.59M
2022-23: $ 33.93M
2023-24: $ 36.27M
2024-25: $ 38.61M

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