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 Posted: Mon Sep 7th, 2020 04:07 pm
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Jason Presley

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paulsosn wrote: 12/21/37 Evansville IN vs. Orville Brown - Double Count Out *** your records have this as a 90 minute draw, don't know which one is correct*** 

From the 22 Dec 1937 Evansville Press: "After 64 minutes of rough going, with Thesz the aggressor, the two huskies tumbled out of the ring.  Brown started back and Thesz grabed[sic] his leg.. The they started some fists tossing to the delight of the front row customers.  Referee Dick Patton counted both men out.  And after a 10 minute rest they returned to finish the 90 minute time limit without a fall."

So, the answer is 'yes'.  The 23 Dec Evansville Courier reported pretty much the same thing, that Patton counted both out because they were preventing each other from re-entering the ring.  As it would have been the first fall, they just continued with the second fall.  Not sure how that would have worked, as neither would have received credit for the first fall.

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