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 Posted: Thu Sep 10th, 2020 07:19 am
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Why Amarillo? The first things I ever posted were record books of the NWA world champions. If you have any of the CD-ROMs that Vance Nevada used to send out, you might find them on the later versions. For the Funk brothers, there was very little information from the Amarillo territories. When NewspaperArchives first went online, they had near complete, up to 1977, archives of 7 towns in the territory. It also helped that the Amarillo newspaper has the best wrestling reporting that I know of. Pretty much every card has a good preview and detailed results. I also had an interest in title histories, and at the time, the accepted Amarillo title histories, as recorded by Royal & Will and therefore Hisa's site, were extremely inaccurate. It was mostly for my own enjoyment, but i was happy that people like Jim Zordani, J Michael Kenyan and Scott Teal encouraged me along the way.

It helped that, even though I didn't see him until about 25 years after he debuted, Terry Funk has been one of my very favourite wrestlers. To me, his history,and that of his family, is every bit as interesting as what is easily available to watch.

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