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 Posted: Sat Sep 26th, 2020 11:07 pm
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srossi wrote: Kriss wrote: srossi wrote: I binged it before it hit Netflix on YouTube Premium at the beginning of quarantine. I signed up for the trail and then canceled as soon as I was done. This show is just shockingly awesome and one of my favorites.

I just finished watching this today,and I really enjoyed it. The 80s vibe is awesome. It gets a bit tiring to watch when everyone is a heel, though.

I thought it was really odd how much of a douche they made Daniel at the beginning, although he’s not as bad after a while. I don’t mind that both leads are very flawed though. It’s surprising depth considering how cheesy the movies were. 

But Billy Zabka seriously should’ve been nominated for a few Emmys for this show, and it’s a shame he hasn’t been. He acts circles around the rest of the cast, but the writing is so strong that everyone is elevated. 
It's true. Even the kids are doing nuanced heels and faces. Just incredible. It's obvious though. Can't wait for Ali (with an i) to come in and save the day though. Also, I want Johnny to slam the hot Columbian mommy who hated him and then loved him but now hates him again.

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