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 Posted: Sun Oct 25th, 2020 07:12 am
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Kriss wrote: paulsosn wrote: Any idea why Thesz wrestled twice on 7/11/45 in Portland and three times on 7/31/45 in Tacoma?

07/11 Portland, OR Lou Thesz beat Ted Christy
07/11 Portland, OR Lou Thesz beat Fritz Schnabel by DQ

07/31 Tacoma, WA Lou Thesz beat Jim Wright
07/31 Tacoma, WA Lou Thesz beat Morris Shapiro
07/31 Tacoma, WA Lou Thesz beat Seelie Samara

The Portland one was a tournament, and the Tacoma one almost certainly was as well. I wouldn't question anyone wrestling more than one match in one night, as it's almost always a tournament, which was a very popular gimmick.
I'm a little late to the party. Yes these were part of tournaments, with the winner of the Portland tournament facing Maurice Tillet the next week. These matches took place at the Civic Auditorium, and were promoted by Virgil Hamlin and Ted Thye. 

The 7/11 Portland date is actually missing a match. Thesz defeated Ted Christy in an opening match. Then defeated Fritz Schnabel in the semi-final before going on to beat Seelie Samara in the finals of the tournament. 

7/31 is also a tournament. 

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