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 Posted: Mon Jan 4th, 2021 09:20 pm
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This is not correct.

08/25/50 St. Louis, MO Lou Thesz beat Wladek Kowalski

Kowalski was in Houston facing George Bollas on the 25th.

I don't know where Thesz was from 8/22-8/29. But he did not face Kowalski at all in August 1950.

The main event in St Louis on 8/25/50 was Whipper Billy Watson vs Al Lovelock

Jack Britton vs. Red Vagnone - Time Limit Draw (20:00)

Tommy O'Toole defeats Finice Hall (7:52)

Sky Low Low defeats Pee Wee James (12:40)

Great Balbo defeats Al Williams by DQ (10:18)

Whipper Watson defeats Al Lovelock (25:34)

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