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Updated Results

May. 11 1984 - Houston TX - Sam Houston Coliseum
Jim Duggan pinned Nicolai Volkoff in a Steel Cage match at 5:30 (Volkoff had to recite the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag)
Stagger Lee (JYD) pinned North American Champ Mr Wrestling in a Non Title match at 3:24
Terry Taylor beat Butch Reed by DQ at 11:42 
Mid South Tag Champs The Rock N Roll Express beat Midnight Express in a Non Title match at 14:39
Mr Wrestling 2 (Hercules) pinned Magnum TA at 9:50
Krusher Khruschev and Masao Ito beat Hector Guerrero and Jose Lothario at 13:37
Steve Williams beat Buddy Landell by countout at 13:02
The Shadow beat Mark Ragin
Pat Rose beat John King

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