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 Posted: Fri Jan 8th, 2021 03:26 pm
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I've tried to use Twitter, on occasion, for the past 10 (?!) years, but just could NOT get into it. Mainly for self-promotion, but I can't stand the entire concept and feel it's responsible for the dumbing-down of the Internets. A lot of "reporting" nowadays has devolved to simply "they said THIS on Twitter".

I've seen laughable efforts by local government agencies, the police and even RNO's to use it... but their use and quality of content is consistently inconsistent.

When the James Holmes shooting happened (the "Batman movie shooting" in 2012), it seemed useful for communicating what was happening... but that quickly went away within 10 minutes and reddit was actually a better source of up-to-date info.

I feel Twitter is best used for promotional purposes (company announcing new product, event, movie, etc.) or for "celebrities" to babble off about stuff (actors and athletes, mostly). It's not a good platform for communicating politics. Trump, being a "celebrity", never got that.

Of course, it's too late now and Twitter seems to be rolling along just fine. Yet we said the same thing about Facebook about five years ago, and it's been losing relevancy and heading for the toilet.

I'm the old man yelling at the sky when I say: Gimme Internets Messaging Boards!