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 Posted: Sat Jan 9th, 2021 04:57 pm
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The social media censorship is just another fag on the bonfire that's going to burn this country down.  Again, Trump is just a totem.  After he's off the stage, a lot of people in power are going to think the toothpaste has been put back in the tube.  They're in for a rude awakening.  

The tech giants, particularly the social media gatekeepers, are one half of the equation known as "public-private tyranny".  Think of them as akin to the company that runs the red light cameras in your town.  The government contracts out to them and reaps the benefit while doing none of the heavy lifting.  

We have an oligarchy in this country in which those who run Google, Twitter, Facebook, and Apple are in perfect harmony with the political class.  Since the political class technically can't regulate speech, they've outsourced the censorship of public discourse to their friends in Silicon Valley.  The tech giants get very transparent legislative protection from the political class to maintain their supremecy and in return the pols get bags of cash and other perquisites.  And when Cato Institute types or your Little Benny Shapiros start with their "But, muh free market!" and "Start your own internet!" crap, they can't give us an answer as to how that's going to happen when the existing tech giants are all in lockstep in their efforts to enforce the whims of the political class -- witness Apple and Google removing Parler from their stores last night.  

I'm astounded by those who moan about the frightening "theocracy" that the boogeymen of the right are always moments away from creating.  We already live in a theocracy, and it's far more overbearing than anything emanating from the fever dreams of the left.  We have a system of morality in this country that is promoted by all facets of the ruling elite and is ever more strictly enforced.  Corporate America and Madison Avenue are unrelenting in their implicit and explicit messaging.  If you don't pay proper obeisance to the religion of wokeness, you're a bad, bad person.  You can't just tolerate it, you have to celebrate it.  And the real-life repercussions of running afoul of church canon are now extending far beyond simply having your social media posts wiped away.  We're reaching the point where credit cards and banks are denying service to people who, in their private life, hold the wrong opinions.  And what if you work for a name-brand company?  What's going to happen if, on work property or on social media, you're overheard saying "I think a man in a sundress isn't a woman, he's still a man.  With a mental illness."  Or, "You know, importing tens of millions of low-skilled foreigners and hundreds of thousands of skilled workers depress the wage structure of those of us born here.  Furthermore, they've turned my hometown into something I don't want to live in.  I wish they'd all go back."  You're gone.  Your livelihood is taken away by the wine aunts in the HR department.  

And the worst part about that is that there are no rules in place.  Videos are banned and accounts are locked based purely on how the supervisors of these platforms view the established morality on that particular day.   The chilling effect on speech that this creates is even worse than having strict speech codes.  When you can be fired for uttering something that was permissible just the month before but you have no idea when the cutoff date is, then you're going to keep your mouth shut at all times.  Thus, the marketplace of ideas that is fundamental to a free society has been stripped of all utility.