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 Posted: Sat Jan 9th, 2021 08:14 pm
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srossi wrote: We now have more tragic consequences of the Trump presidency. The band Bad Wolves, best known for their "Zombie" cover, have broken up today, citing irrevocable political differences. Lead singer Tommy Vext is a big Trump supporter while his bandmates are liberals, and the relationship is further complicated by Vext's many pending legal issues, including allegations by his ex-gf that he beat her.  But things came to a head this week as they clashed over the attempted insurrection. The final straw seems to have come 2 days ago when a fan asked Vext how they can continue to co-exist and Vext arrogantly said "They're my employees, they do as I say." Well they don't, and he's been fired. His friends say that Vext was unhappy in a band environment for many years and plans to go solo. So if Trump does win again in 2024, he has his first act booked for the inauguration.  It's all coming together for Trump. 5-D chess always starts with securing the music.  The rest will just work itself out.

I'd like to hear his take on YMCA.

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