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 Posted: Mon Jan 11th, 2021 01:44 am
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the squared circle wrote: Count me in as well as not being a fan of the back and forth constant teenage love stories.
Couldn’t stand Larusso in the movies and can’t stand him here either. His wife too.
Johnny Lawrence all the way. Man, I wish he ended up banging Elizabeth Shue.
I am against you here - I LOVE Amanda Larusso.  I think her timing, facials, the way she delivers her lines, the overall attitude is phenomenal.  Honestly I think she’s the most grounded, “normal” person in the show.   I loved it when she called them ‘Tango and Cash’ and Johnny quickly let her know “Tango and Cash were narcotics detectives”.  The look on her face while she was listening to it was just like the look so many of us have gotten from our wives when we say something similar - and she was on the phone!

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