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 Posted: Tue Jan 26th, 2021 07:07 pm
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The government is part of the problem right now. They have done a shit job with the distribution, plus I've heard stories that some states have a million doses but since the government it only allowing it to a certain class of people (elderly, health care, and front liners on the retail level) it's just not working. Elderly people are afraid to take it, because they are elderly. So let's say they don't come in for it. Shouldn't there be a time limit until they can release it to the masses? Then, if the elderly want it, they could in effect "cut the line" later on.

There was an instance in California where the freezer warehouse storing over a half million doses failed, and they just started grabbing people off the street to vaccinate so that it wouldn't go bad. I'm not going to make this about Trump or Biden, but from what I read, there is really no set guideline for the supply chain going from the manufacturer to the distributor to the patient. The entire thing is a giant clusterfuck and it's bullshit that politics are getting in the way of health.

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