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 Posted: Thu Jan 28th, 2021 11:10 pm
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WongLee wrote: Thanks for the explanation. But what does "their shares were shorted by a Hedgefund" mean?

When you short a stock, in effect you're borrowing a stock and hoping the shares go down by a certain set date. Then you "sell" the stock back to the borrower at the prices you "borrowed at it. So for example. Let's say I shorted this stock when it was $15/share, and I have a strike date for 1 month later. Now a month later the stock has dropped to $10/share. Now I get to in effect sell my $10 stock back to the lender at $15. The problem is, if I short it at $15, and the stock goes to $200, I"m fucked. I"m buying it at $200 to sell at $15. 

The Hedgefund is just a name for a company that takes this approach of buying stock they think will go down and gambling that the prices will go negative during the holding period. 

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