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 Posted: Fri Jan 29th, 2021 01:49 am
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Franchise wrote: Blazer wrote: Franchise wrote:
Spider-Man marvel epic collection vol 8

Let me know how that Epic book is.  I'm looking to add to my collection.
Almost a year ago tonight (Jan 29, 2020 (just happened to look at receipt I saved in one of the books)) I took a drive to an Ollie's about an hour away, and they had about a dozen different Marvel Star Wars Epic collections, among other books.  I've spent the last year going through that pile, and I'm down to just a couple of things left.  The Star Wars ones I picked up generally are the old Dark Horse stories, but it also included a volume of the original Marvel Star Wars series.
All that said, I love the way the books are put together and wouldn't mind diving into some of the core characters in the Marvel Universe.  No idea where to start though.

I apologize it’s volume 18; this was my first time reading a Spider-Man comic and I found it enjoyable. In some of the cross over stuff I’ve seen him in previously he was a little goofy but in this collection he was always missing his wife and wondering about her. At the start of the collection he was wearing the black suit aka venom suit and then had a run in with venom and switched back. The issues are all rather fast paced that mostly wrap up in an issue or 2 with some elements carrying over the entire collection.
Good thing you found the trade paper back. The issues featured would have run you over 1500.00

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