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 Posted: Fri Feb 5th, 2021 01:22 pm
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srossi wrote: My wife has massive student loans and I'm still against it. We need to get the cost of college under control by eliminating government loans because colleges know they can charge as much as they want and will get paid. Most campuses are spending obscene amounts of money on nonsense and shit programs just because they can, and then use this to justify crazy tuitions. It's unsustainable. Until 40 years ago, most middle class people could afford college on their own. Now its impossible for almost anyone. Forgiving student loan debt doesn't solve that problem, it just emboldens the colleges.  They're not going to lose a dime.  As usual, it's going to be taxpayers footing the bill even more. 

This - giving $50,000 away is doing nothing to fix the problem long term. Prospective college students should be expected to calculate the total cost of a college degree and to weigh that against the projected salary for the job they plan to get upon graduation and then make a decision. There are lots of online sites (,, etc) that provide accurate salary information to help students research their prospective jobs, most colleges post their tuition/fees online, and student loan rates are available as well (I wish these tools had been available 30 years ago).  Will it be worth it to pay $100,000 for a $40,000 per year administrative assistant job? No? Then prospective students should either consider another career/major or find a cheaper school. The taxpayers should not be expected to pay for their poor choices.

I also think this is going to negatively affect workers since salaries will drop. People with less student loan debt will be able to take lower starting salaries so you know that companies will start taking advantage of that.

I am so tired of people who do the "right thing" (stay out of jail, don't do drugs, don't have a kid until they can afford it, go to work, make good life choices) having to pay for the poor decisions of others. 

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