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 Posted: Sun Feb 7th, 2021 12:50 am
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Big Garea Fan wrote: Do any of your states provide free 4-year college tuition for in-state students?

Here in Maryland, all of the counties provide free 2-years of tuition at local community colleges and there has been a push to expand it to 4 years. As long as the student maintains a minimum GPA (I think it is 2.0), tuition is paid for by the taxpayers.

I know that West Virginia has a free 4-year college tuition program since a friend of mine's family moved to WV from Maryland with their 4 college-age children to take advantage of the program. Two of the kids flunked out, one of the kids quit the WV program after a year and went to a fine arts college in MD instead, and the fourth kid quit the WV program less than a year into it and joined the military. The family then moved back to MD.

These free college programs tout that they benefit the entire community by providing students with the skills and education that they will use for jobs that will serve the community and also result in better paying jobs in the area (more tax money). I disagree - instead I think that these free college programs will result in employers lowering their salaries since prospective employees will no longer have college debt to pay back. As a result, I think that a WV student would have an advantage over a MD student (who had to pay for 2 years of college) or a PA student (who had to pay for 4 years of college) in a job search since the WV student can afford to take a less paying job (no student loan debt).  They say these programs benefit communities but I think they benefit employers much more.

In Missouri we have the A+ program. Basically 2 years JUCO covered if you maintain a certain GPA. My stepdaughter did that for 2 years, then transferred to KU. It's cost effetctive, and if the kid fucks around and doesn't take school seriously, you get out early without wasting a fortune.