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 Posted: Mon Feb 8th, 2021 02:46 pm
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My girlfriend's daughter went to the local community college to be a dental hygienist. Literally at the same time our mututal friend's daughter went to UNC Chapel Hell to get a degree as a dental hygienist. Cassie (girlfriend's daughter) is now 24, bought her own house 2 years ago, has a new car, makes GREAT money, and most importantly of all, has NO debt. NONE, other than her mortgage. Meanwhile our friend's daughter graduated last year from UNC with a bachelor's degree, but is working now doing the same job at a competitor's dentist office, making the same thing Cassie does but has tons of student loan money to pay back...all because she considered herself too good to go to the community college to get an associates degree and make the same money as Cassie's just comical to me..

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