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 Posted: Mon Feb 8th, 2021 02:55 pm
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Principal_Raditch wrote: KGB wrote:   
I never understood the idea of spending higher amounts for the private colleges unless for some reason there was a specialty degree that wasn't available at a public equivalent.  Nursing is a good example.  

I think I've actually mentioned this here before, maybe not, but a family at my church, their oldest son decided he wanted to get into politics. So he went to Lenoir Rhyne University here in Hickory, a big private school that is expensive as hell, to get a Political Science degree. His younger brother, who I'm close with, went to Appalachian State, public school, one hour from here. He got a degree in finance. Younger brother works in Charlotte now, 25 years old, making good money working for some bank, I can't remember where, but his older brother, with the poly-sci degree, interned for Senator Richard Burr and was all giddy about it, just KNEW he was going to be a big deal in politics...he's currently making $35k a year working for a police department near Charlotte, in the office lol..dude prob is sitting on $80k in student loan debt because he HAD TO GO to the big private school here. That is why I say fuck em all, he knew what he was getting in to..

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