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 Posted: Wed Feb 10th, 2021 04:43 am
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Angelic Assassin wrote: Blazer wrote: Yeah, in general, having these collected editions to read the arcs in chronological order is nice, and it’s also handy to be able to put it on a bookshelf when you’re done. I had a couple of the “Essential Collection” books from the early 2000s, but those were hard to enjoy (black and white, bad paper stock). I just like reading the stories and don’t care about investing in original issues so much.

The thing about those is they were as cheap as borscht.  I have most of the ones Marvel put out, outside of the Handbooks and some more minor titles, and a good number of the ones DC put out as Showcase Presents.  I was going to try to get all of them as really they are the best way to get stories you'd never get otherwise.

At the height of when they were being published I think I was paying $20 a piece and if I saw them anywhere I just bought them. If friends were going to the States, Fargo or Minneapolis basically for a weekend I'd give them a list of what I had and just tell them to get whatever they saw.  

There was a comic book store later on that was selling them for $10 so I'd buy a whack there as well. 

Definitely low quality but I really just wanted the stories, and really in the early days some of the poor quality was more related to the stories themselves rather than the quality of the paper they were written on.  The stories were kind of hokey and not really well written in the early days of some of the titles.
There was also some censorship and missing pages in a few of the first editions they put out which was corrected in the second and in some cases third editions they put out.Covers changed too, something like how the covers change every time Stephen King puts out a new edition of one of his titles he wrote 30 or 40 years ago.  

I had Essential Spider-Man #1, which I picked up right after the first Spider-Man movie came out.  Some cool old timey stories with Electro and the Vulture.  Fun to see the origins of some of the villians.  I think Sandman was in there too, but man the dialogue was tough to digest.  There were some cringey moments too.

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