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 Posted: Thu Feb 18th, 2021 06:40 pm
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It's a stretch to say this, but The Real World could be blamed for inadvertently helping along an already brewing situation that led to the deaths of 2Pac and Notorious BIG. Kevin Powell was the black roommate from the first season who was pursuing a writing career. He's actually done quite well for himself. The show undeniably helped his career along because the profile it gave him led to Vibe Magazine giving him a job not long after the first season concluded.

In that capacity, Powell interviewed 2Pac while the latter was incarcerated at Riker's Island while awaiting transfer to a state prison to sever a 1.5 to 4.5 year sentence for a sexual assault conviction. Near the end of his trial, 2Pac was shot and wounded outside of an NYC recording studio in what appeared at the time to have been a robbery that got out of hand when 2Pac resisted, but has generally been accepted since then as an attempted hit set up by an NYC underground figure named James "Jimmy Henchman" Rosemond who had been friends with 2Pac until a bad falling out.

2Pac had been invited to the studio by the Bad Boy crew and, to his grave, insisted that they knew he was going to be set up and didn't warn him. The interview with Powell was essentially 2Pac's declaration of war against Biggie, Puffy, and Bad Boy. I think a lot of the anger he felt towards Rosemond went towards them because the man behind his shooting wasn't someone he could call out, although he eventually did later to an extent. 

2Pac likely would have started this beef anyway, but this interview put the situation in the public eye and was so incendiary that things heated up to a greater degree than might have been the case in other circumstances. Suge Knight eventually paid the bail 2Pac was granted while appealing, but couldn't meet on his own, in exchange for the latter joining Death Row, further escalating things until the two rap stars were dead.