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 Posted: Fri Feb 26th, 2021 01:58 pm
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srossi wrote: KGB wrote: srossi wrote: KGB wrote: Not a $500,000 reward for the capture of the guys who shot her employee, mind you.  No, the money is for getting a couple dogs back.  She's just like us!
Hot take to make Lady Gaga out to be the bad guy in all this.  1) No one said she's just like you, she's a lot more successful.  Only a liberal would be jealous of wealth.  2) Anyone who's ever had dogs would be frantic at the idea of them being kidnapped and would do anything possible to get them back.  3) The employee is in the hospital and there's nothing else she can do for him, although I can pretty much guarantee she's covering his healthcare costs if he doesn't have insurance.  4) Finding the dogs will probably lead to finding the shooters anyway, it's not like no one is looking for them.

Bad guy?  She's just a retard.  The fact that we culturally approve of people treating dogs like children might just be indicative of a serious problem.  

Yes, she's more successful than me.  If you define success in terms of dollars and cents, that is.  Only a conservative would measure human achievement by the number of commas in one's bank book. 

How is she a retard?  Because she spent money on dogs, and now is spending money to try to get them back after they were stolen?  It's a drop in the bucket to her and she can spend it on whatever she wants.  I'm sure you've dropped $20 on something silly and that's the equivalent for her.  Who cares?  You're in favor of property theft now of those wealthier than you?  You have no ideological consistency.  You're just a contrarian who wants to lash out at personalities you don't like for no particular reason.  You'd be screaming bloody murder if "ANTIFA" broke into Trump's penthouse and melted down his solid gold toilets to sell.  I'm sure that was a fiscally prudent purchase for your Fuhror who cares about peasants like you. 

Nothing in the above word salad bears the slightest resemblance to any philosophy I've ever espoused.  You sound like a Facebook Karen who bragged about mask shaming the neighbor kid and got pushback instead of likes.  I still suspect that you like to prime the pump on Friday mornings.