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 Posted: Sat Feb 27th, 2021 06:50 pm
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MORE NEW MATCHES, not previously recorded here or anywhere!!!

Thesz vs Pat Fraley 8/12/42 Alexandria LA

Thesz vs Juan Humberto 8/19/42 Alexandria LA

Results from the August 13, 1942 Alexandria Town Talk

Rudy LaDitzi vs Juan Humberto - Time Limit Draw [1-1] (60:00)
- Laditzi first fall, Humberto second, then draw

Lou Thesz defeats Pat Fraley [2-1]

Thesz wins first and third (no other details)


Results from the August 20, 1942 Alexandria Town Talk
(Bashera match advertised day before as 60 minutes, Thesz match as 90 minutes)

Ellis Bashera besiegt Jerry Meeker [1-0] (60:00)
- Bashera defeats Meeker
- Time Expires

Best Two Out Of Three Falls Match
Lou Thesz vs. Juan Humberto - Time Limit Draw [1-1] (90:00)
- Humberto defeats Thesz
- Thesz defeats Humberto
- Time Limit Draw (90:00)

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