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 Posted: Thu Mar 4th, 2021 05:55 pm
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Mark Giangreco of Chicago's local ABC affiliate is about to be fired.  He's 68 and a sports institution in Chicago since 1982, and the highest paid local sports announcer in the country.  His "crime" has been described as calling a female anchor "ditzy", which would be pretty ridiculous, but even that isn't remotely true. 

The actual quote, following a puff piece on a hockey player who was sanding drywall with his stick, is, "Gotta get him a show on DIY Network. We’ll call it ‘House Fix with Sticks,’ and Cheryl can play the ditzy, combative interior decorator. I got it all worked out.”

He was clearly making fun of the trope on these home improvement shows, which anyone who has ever watched can immediately relate to.  He never actually insulted whoever the fuck Cheryl is.  For that, he's been off air for 5 weeks and the final terms on a separation are being worked out this week. 

This one is just really crazy.  When did "ditz" become the "n" word.  Do we have to cancel every sitcom before 2012, almost all of which featured a ditzy neighbor or co-worker?  Jesus Christ.  The speculation is that the station is just using this as an excuse to get out of his contract, but what a horrible precedent this sets. 

This thread was great before AA ruined it.