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 Posted: Sun Mar 7th, 2021 01:00 am
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8/12/84 Oklahoma City, OK @ The Myriad
The Midnight Express beat The Pretty Young Things
Hercules Hernandez & Butch Reed beat Jim Duggan & Terry Taylor

I have seen this event listed in some newspaper results when I researched heavily years ago. One of the other matches had Jim Neidhart beating Angelo Mosca Sr. for the Southern heavyweight title which CWF recognized. When viewing the title lineage on the surface it might appear like this might have been a phantom switch from it being noted out of its promotional parameters. But an Oklahoma newspaper would not list that match the following day if it wasn't an actual bout. Anvil had just finished up with Memphis so this may have been a way to get him jump started in Florida. Mosca was apparently one of the crew Dusty Rhodes convinced to jump over to JCP with him. Very odd situation but maybe Mosca was not leaving CWF with any notice.