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 Posted: Wed Mar 10th, 2021 02:43 pm
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I would agree that the nature of wrestling would tend to lean toward it being standard fare to forget about the Southern title from Mosca's point of view and move on.   I just remember reading how it was a posted result from a newspaper and not the usual kayfabe cover story, and I wasn't researching for it specifically.  Mosca worked for JCP during August and September even with his start on the mic for Vince as you mentioned.
I see Bass and Bart at least did a loser leaves town match in early August so whoever was place-holding the booking job had something to step off from with them.   I would say that the new faces had enough talent if not the marquee value to replace Dusty's crew.   I see that Mike Davis had just started doing the Sullivan's Army character of The Dream just prior to Dusty leaving.   He promptly left after less than 2 months into that gimmick and popped up in JCP for Dusty in what I think was the start of the RPM's team.