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 Posted: Thu Mar 11th, 2021 03:50 pm
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Superstar wrote: I just have to say this and I don't want to make it sound like I'm knocking anybody - but is it just me or is every single woman from the Attitude Era in the Hall of Fame now? I know that Kat isn't, and neither is Tori, but they were in and out pretty quickly. Who's left? And for that matter, how many females from the 2000s are left before they induct all of them? Mickie James and Victoria will eventually go in. I get it, the Hall of Fame is for fun and there's no real criteria, but when the entire roster ends up in the Hall of Fame, why have a Hall of Fame?
Sable isn't in the HOF. She probably deserves to be as much as Torrie Wilson. Also Terri Runnels, but I think all the other women who wrestled before 2002 are in now.

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