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 Posted: Sat Mar 13th, 2021 01:04 am
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srossi wrote: gwlee7 wrote: We kept saying Trump was done. He lost an election but he still isn’t “done”. Some guys are just made out of teflon.
Totally different.  Trump will never be done because the people who support Trump don't give a shit about this kind of thing.  Democrats eat their own.  Al Franken might be President right now if the Dems didn't absolutely destroy their own for something much less worse than what Cuomo has done.

Trump's made of Teflon, but also, for as much shit that is thrown at him, people can't really pin him down for anything.    Yeah, he fucked a porn star (consenual).  Supposedly paid her some money to keep quiet (not out of his campaign fund).  Had some dirty talk about Nancy O'Dell on the Access Hollywood bus. Kinda cringey, but not illegal.  Supposedly kinda used loopholes and milked the system when paying his income taxes.  Not illegal, people do it on a smaller scale all the time.  Some photos floating around of him with Epstein, but nothing is proven and there are more photos of Epstein with the Clintons and other Hollywood libs, so that's not going anywhere.
Am I missing anything obvious on Trump?  For as much hate there is out there, you'd think someone could pin something on him fairly easily, but it hasn't happened.  Meanwhile, Cuomo gets taken down in the matter of two weeks.  

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