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 Posted: Fri Mar 19th, 2021 02:33 pm
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A lot of "whataboutism" here.  None of which gets back to the idea of normalizing degenerates like this vile piece of shit.  And actually, I had the story a bit off.  He didn't just download some kiddie porn, he uploaded it.  And some of it took place at his home.  The complaint can be read HERE, but I'm not kidding when I tell you you need a strong stomach to read it.  I gave up after a few seconds, it's that disgusting.  Honestly, I recommend you don't read it.   

The problem is that, unlike, say, a Baptist minister or a politician caught doing this shit, this fellow was feted his entire life for skating close to the edge of this kind of behavior.  His buggery and encouragement of exposing kids to a sexualized, adult lifestyle made him the proverbial "stunning and brave".  Forcing these scum to live in the shadows, doling out a good beating when they try to step out and normalize their degeneracy, serves (served) a very good purpose.