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 Posted: Fri Mar 19th, 2021 08:10 pm
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khawk wrote: Who's defending the judge? He's as much of a scumbag as everyone else that engages in this behaviour.

But, would you have started this post without the tranny/gay narrative attached? In your eyes this part makes the judge worse than the rest of the pedos.

A scumbag is a scumbag is a scumbag when it comes to diddling kids. Whatever they do outside of that doesn't matter, they're still scumbags, period.

A person looks at a post like this and:
1) Realizes what's at stake and offers full-throated agreement that we have a problem.2) The same agreement but there's nothing more to offer and he moves on to another topic.3) Offers some dark humor, after all making fun of the guy lends itself to making public his disapproval of the situation in general.or 4) His brain starts looking for a reason to distract from - not just this particular instance of degeneracy - but the very idea that giving even tacit approval to the kind of lifestyle this man lived is an issue.

Making the comparison to poets, priests, and politicians is a red herring because those people serve a purpose outside of whatever foibles they may practice.  A politician or a minister serves a purpose independent of whatever sin might attend the person in that particular role.  But the guy who puts on a dress and makeup and performs for young kids isn't serving any purpose outside of sexual expression -- with children.  The guy who's in a relationship with another guy is contributing nothing to the community outside of an increased chance for being a disease vector and a groomer of kids, and yes, the facts bear that out.  Even a towering intellect like srossi understands the difference at some level.  That doesn't assume that child abuse or homosexuality can be eradicated.  They'll always exist.  But the push to normalize these behaviors is something else altogether.  Every honest person here knows that the guy in this story was celebrated in many quarters for being gay, and you know that his involvement in drag queen story hour was also seen as an empowering act by friends and cohorts.  Why wouldn't he be emboldened to absolutely destroy young children in further pursuit of his deviancy?